Sunday, March 8, 2009


Above are all the products that I use in my hair. I do my relaxer every 8 weeks, after I relax I shampoo with the designer touch neutralizing shampoo twice, then I shampoo with the aphogee shampoo for damaged hair twice. After shampooing I add the two minute recontructor by aphogee, and I leave it on for for five minutes, after rinsing that out, I had a small amount of the CHI silk infusion ( about the size of a quarter, a little bit goes a long way, trust me!!), I spray in the keratin mist and the leave in conditioner by aphogee, comb the hair out and blowdry, after the hair is dry I flat iron with my CHI iron, I then go through and put big curls all over with a 1" curling iron, add one pump of the paul mitchell skinny serum and then I rap my hair. In the morning I have gorgeous hair. Now if I not relaxing I do not use the neutralizing shapoo, just the aphogee. I have been using this method for four two months now and my hair has made great progress, it has grown about 2 inches already!!! and by the way I did not come up with this regimen, in case you are wondering, I did not, the way I was doing my hair before was making it break off and real heeavy because I was putting all these things in there that I really didn't need to. so one day I decided to go on to watch videos on how other african american girls do their hair, and I ran into Ateyaa, you can look her up on youtube and watch her vids, she has a video that will show you how to do this regimen step by step, she breaks it down for ya. I thank Ateyaa everyday wen I comb my wrap down, because if it wasnt for her I'd probably be still walking around with heavy damaged hair, but now my hair is so bouncy and strong, and i will never stop using this regimen. And people I know some of this stuff is a tid bit expensive, and I myself was on the iffy side too, because i did not want to spend all that money on hair products, but if you want your hair to look healthy, trust me its worth it, so check my gurl ateyaa's vids on youtube and start getting your hair back on track.

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